1996年、ジュエリーデザイナー・宝石鑑定士・クラフトマンという経歴を持つ三人の女性により、ビスポークジュエリーサロンとしてロンドンで誕生したファインジュエラー"ROBINSON PELHAM(ロビンソン・ペラム)"。



"ROBINSON PELHAM" was founded in 1996 in London as a bespoke jeweler by three ladies who have career as a jewelry designer, a gemologist, and a craftsman.

Ears of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was adorned with its jewelries at the British family wedding. Their jewelries gain support from many fashionista.

The sparkle created from the fusion of elegant design with a witty sense and high technologies using traditional English artisan ship, is gaining popularity as a jewelry which satisfies playful spirits of woman who knows the real ones.

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